I Am A Mom


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I realize that a few months have passed since my last post and I have a very good reason for it, I am a mom. I have been keeping up with a very busy toddler that now knows how to open the fridge and ponder over what she wants to eat.  Hmmm- cheese, yogurt, or fruit?  Like many of you, I am a busy mom that is trying to make time for fun with family, and friends while working and keeping up on the laundry.

I am a mom that that has been googling things like, ‘toddler hairstyles’ and then trying them out while she eats breakfast.  I am a mom that does hair twice in the morning because the hair ties have been ripped out by the time we arrive at daycare. IMG_2736[1] I, like many of you, have been stopping at the local grocery store multiple nights per week to grab a few things because I always seem to forget something on the trip before.  I am a mom that that has been enjoying the grocery store, because my daughter loves filling up the mini cart that she pushes around.IMG_2617[1] I am a mom that loves every minute of this fun age!

I am a mom that organized teacher appreciation week which meant shopping for supplies and then doing crafts every night while letting my daughter help.  I am a mom that has been on the brink of losing her mind when looking at the clutter of toys. I am a mom that declared a declutter day that included space bags and buying a new bookshelf.  Future post in the coming weeks.

I am a mom that has stopped doing chores on the weekend, so that I can nap with my daughter, because I love to snuggle with her. I am a mom that has started drinking afternoon coffee so I can stay awake to watch my guilty pleasure TV shows.  If you have not started watching UnREAL on Lifetime, you need to stop reading this and go to your TV!🙂

Its summer, which means more time will be spent by the pool, playing at the park, and traveling.  I am a mom that enjoys blogging when I have a free minute but I am also a mom that really loves spending all of my free minutes with with my daughter who is growing way too fast!

Until next time which is hopefully soon–T


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